Big Air Wakeboarding Music of the Month: July 2015

wakeboarding-music-of-july-2015Wakeboarding isn’t the same without some great tunes to listen to while you ride. The right music can give you the energy and confidence you need to complete some of your more challenging tricks, while the wrong music (or a lack of music) can make you feel less energetic than usual and can cause you to lose steam more quickly. Here are a few of our top wakeboarding music selections of the month for your enjoyment with a killer set of wakeboard tower speakers:



There is nothing new about AC/DC, but despite the fact that they have been around forever, their songs are always able to pump you up and make you feel invincible while riding. “Thunderstruck” is especially effective at inducing energy and should be included on every wakeboarder’s playlist. “If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It)” can help restore your resolve and courage after suffering from a particularly painful failed stunt.


Fallout Boy

Fallout Boy has some great older music that can make a day on the lake more enjoyable, but we have found that “Centuries” is particularly inspiring for wakeboarders who are working hard to earn a name for themselves in the sport. If your goal is to make sure you are remembered for your skills and perseverance, crank “Centuries” while you practice some of your more difficult tricks.



Every wakeboarder should have at least one Metallica song on their playlist, and some of our favorites for their ability to get us motivated include “And Justice For All” and “Seek and Destroy”. Of course, Metallica has a very large selection of heavy metal music that can get you pumped up and ready for a day of riding.


Foo Fighters

If you want energetic music that is a little less loud than some of the other selections listed here, Foo Fighters is a great option. Some of our favorite selections from them include “Stacked Actors” and “All My Life”. Whether you prefer their older or newer albums, this versatile band has a song that will resonate with almost any wakeboarder.


Jake Owen 

For wakeboarders who are also fond of country music, Jake Owen offers some laid-back tunes that can help you enjoy the sunshine from the back of a boat or wakeboard. He also loves wakeboarding, which may be a big reason why we like his music.


Make Sure Your Music Can Be Heard 

No matter what type of music motivates you while you are riding, you need to make sure it can be heard. Check out the selection of high-quality speakers we offer at Big Air and get ready to rock your favorite tunes the next time you go riding.

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