Big Air Speaker and Light Bar Combo


The Big Air Speaker and Light Bar Combo is one of our most popular accessories we sell. This item is the perfect all-in-one product. It includes 4 Kicker speakers and 4 High Intensity LED lights. You can even choose to upgrade to LED lit speakers. Talk about a show on the water! You can see it live in action on this video below.

Why is the Speaker and Light Bar Combo so popular?

We like to think its loyalty to our brand, but let’s be real, that only gets us so far.

Variations of Big Air Speaker and Light Bar Combo

Big Air Speaker and Light Bar Combo variations

This brings us to the real point of interest, customization!

When you receive this item it will have all 4 speakers and all 4 lights facing one direction. You can keep them facing one direction or switch it up. The end speakers can swivel, rotate, or even switch sides. This can easily be done by loosening just a couple set screws. If you’re switching sides, you will need to detach the wiring internally, but we make that easy with a connector inside.

Want to switch the lights around? Go for it! Have 2 facing the front and 2 facing the rear, it’s easy to do. Just remove the nut on the end of the bolt, remove the bolt, switch the light around, and reattach the bolt and nut. Simple as that.

The Speaker Light Bar Combo is available in the polished aluminum finish or you can choose to go with the black powder coat finish. You can also choose standard speakers or upgrade to the LED speakers. The LED speaker upgrade comes with a remote to choose between 20 color variations and 19 different modes with the simple push of a button.

What about wiring?

When you receive your Big Air Speaker Light Bar Combo you will have pigtails ready for you to attach to. In addition, all wires are labeled for ease and convenience. Although, wiring throughout the tower is not provided due to the different boats/towers we accommodate.

Wiring pigtails include (2) positive speaker wires, (2) negative speaker wires, (1) positive LED light wire, and (1) negative LED light wire.  *If you choose the LED Speaker option you will also have (1) positive and (1) negative wire for the speaker LEDs.

You can choose to run your own wiring, or Big Air wiring harnesses are available for purchase. To help choose the right one, it will depend on what items you need wire for.

The 4 pin wiring harness is great for the standard Speaker Light Bar Combo. Wiring example – 2 wires for speakers (positive and negative) 2 wires for LED lights (positive and negative)

The 8 pin wiring harness is great for the LED Speaker Light Bar Combo. Wiring example – 2 wires for speakers (positive and negative) 2 wires for LED lights (positive and negative) and 2 wires for LED lights in the speakers (positive and negative. This will also leave you with 2 additional wires to use on another accessory.

Both of these options will also depend on how you plan to wire for your setup, series or parallel. Kicker has a great article over both options here. There are so many options available that we recommend contacting a local audio shop if you plan to get a little more detailed in your wiring setup.

Do I need an amp?

This question is asked a lot and the answer is never simple.
We have used Kicker speakers for a long time now and we have found that in most cases, an amp isn’t necessary but your head unit is also a contributing factor in this equation.

If your head unit doesn’t have the power to push, then the speakers will not reach their full potential. In this case, an amp would be a great addition. Again, we recommend seeing a local audio shop for a little more in depth detail on this certain topic.

I don’t have a Big Air tower, can I still buy it?

YES! The Speaker and Light Bar Combo comes equipped with a 2.5″ clamp and liners to accommodate down to 2″. If you have tubing smaller than 2″, be sure and contact us. We have ways to accommodate smaller tubing and would love to help you out!

What about road travel and weather?

With the Speaker and Light Bar Combo, all connections are marine industry compliant and sealed. In other words, they are water resistant. So if you are caught out in some rain, or even store the boat outside, you are in the clear. We also offer our Neoprene Cover for the Speaker and Light Bar Combo as well. The neoprene covers are great for long Speaker and Light Bar Combo Neoprene Coverdistance trailering and storage.

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Do I Need A Navigation Light?


With every customer we speak to, we can almost guarantee that the question about needing a navigation light on their wakeboard tower will be asked. The answer is always yes. Especially if you are going to be out past sunset. Specific lighting configurations are required for boats operating between sunset and sunrise, or in times of restricted visibility. Do not assume that your boat came from the factory or showroom with all the proper equipment. In other words, it’s your responsibility to make sure your boat shows the proper lights. This is dependent upon the size of the boat and the waters in which you are operating, because requirements are different for each state. To see the regulations for your state, you can visit the US Coast Guard page for reference to your states boating laws.

For most boating areas, it is a requirement to have a light at the tallest portion of your water craft. Therefore, when you install a tower this generally becomes the tallest portion of the boat. The ability to integrate the navigation light into the tow knob of your Big Air tower keeps a nice, clean, sleek look. All Big Air wakeboard towers from 2013 to present have the ability to integrate a Big Air navigation light. But, if you opted out of this addition during your tower purchase don’t fret, the Big Air navigation light can be added after your tower has been installed. For those with 2012 or older Big Air tower models, feel free to contact us for upgrade options.

Unsure what year and/or model you have? Feel free to email us a photo of your tower and a photo showing the top of the tow knob. We will be more than happy to help you out.

If you’re in need of additional navigation lights for your boat, check out West Marine’s video. They will show you how to choose the right lights for your boat.

These requirements hold true for most areas, but local regulations are intricate. In conclusion, be sure to check with your local government for marine safety regulations in your area and the Navigation Rules.

Want to see how simple it is to add our navigation light to your Big Air Tower?
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Boat LED’s Light Up The Night!


Boat envy. It’s a real thing!

Not only can you possess one of the best wakeboard towers on the market from Big Air Waketowers, but now you can steal the show at night too!

Big Air Waketowers now offers Underwater Boat LED lights that will light up your night!
Offering you an affordable underwater boat light with 3 color choices to choose from; Blue, Green, or White.

  • 6 Super Bright LED’s per assembly
  • 180 Lumens
  • 100,000 hour life
  • Does not produce heat like most other underwater lights allowing you to mount above or below the water line
  • Stainless Steel Hardware Included
  • Mounting Spacer with wire passage provided
  • Dimensions: 3.5″ x 1.5″

These lights can be used on the hull or in the interior. They’re also suggested for transoms, trim-tabs, and T-tops!



Add our Speaker Light Bar Combo with LED speaker upgrade option to get the look shown here!